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Little League® Sandlot Fun Days

Come together and play. Sandlot Fun Days are a player-led, unstructured opportunity for local Little League® programs to provide a fun, relaxed activity for baseball and softball players, where kids make the rules, make the lineups, and make the calls.

These opportunities are available to bring kids together, have fun, and provide a relaxed playing experience. A comprehensive guide to operating Little League Sandlot Fun Days can be found at LittleLeague.org/SandlotFunDays.


While unstructured, there are some very basic requirements to follow, which provide a safe and fun environment for the participants and allow your insurance to cover these games:

  • Players must meet age requirements outlined for each division of play and the league must be chartered/insured for the proper number of teams in those divisions.
  • Players will determine selection of teams, as well as how many defensive players are used; continuous batting order is recommended.
  • Each dugout must have an approved adult volunteer.
  • If an umpire is used, they must follow guidelines outlined in the current Little League Regulations, Official Rules, and Operating Policies or in the Rulebook App.
  • Players must adhere to all player safety guidelines, such as:
    • All batters must wear protective helmets, while batting and while on base.
    • Catchers must wear approved catcher’s equipment.
    • Pitch counts must be followed (should be kept by approved adult volunteer).
    • Proper pitching distances must be followed.
    • Bases that disengage their anchor must be used.