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Resuming Regular, Scheduled Games and Rule/Regulation Updates

The goal of resuming play is to provide as many opportunities for as many children in your community as possible. Every league will have their own unique circumstances with the availability of fields, players, umpires, and volunteers. It’s important to be flexible and strive to provide the most positive experience for all players and families, while also making sure that your league is following all local and state health authority guidelines for social distancing, organized activities, and large gatherings. Here are some best practices to keep in mind as you’re scheduling and playing your games:

  • Set a one-hour and 45-minute (1:45) time limit to allow for multiple games to be played in a day.
  • If you decide to play doubleheaders, leagues can schedule two doubleheaders a week for Major Division and above. Minor divisions can have one double header per week. Doubleheaders will have a three-hour time limit and consist of two, four-inning games. If the second game of the doubleheader finishes prior to the three-hour time limit, teams may continue playing the game until the time limit is met.
  • Strive to schedule as many games as possible based on your availability and local situation.
  • If your league doesn’t already, use a continuous batting order to provide additional at-bats for all players.
  • Discuss using Little League’s approved alternate methods of play and Little League Sandlot Fun Days to provide additional play opportunities.
  • Visit LittleLeague.org/Rules for information on significant changes for the 2021 season and the latest information on updates rules, regulations, and policies. Additional information regarding player eligibility can be found here.
  • Please note that Uniform and patch requirements (Rule 1.11) will not apply for the 2021 regular season. Conventional uniforms, which do not match nor meet patch requirements, can be worn for the 2021 regular season. Patches will still be required for Little League International Tournament games.