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Best Practices on Organizing, Playing, And Watching Little League® Baseball and Softball During the Coronavirus Pandemic

As local Little League programs are considering a return to the field, it is recommended that each league and district adheres to the guidelines set forth by their respective state and local government and health officials in terms of public gatherings, organized youth sports, and sporting events when determining when it is safe to return to Little League activities. Local league volunteers should thoroughly review the Season Resumption Guide (LittleLeague.org/SeasonResumption) and the Little League Coronavirus Frequently Asked Questions for General Information, Insurance, and Tournament before returning to play. Once your league is able to resume activities, below is a comprehensive list of best practices for helping to provide a safe place to play, while stressing the importance of mitigating the spread of COVID-19.​

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These best practices have been compiled from resources and guidance from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the World Health Organization (WHO), The Aspen Institute, among others. Please understand that Little League International, nor anyone, can guarantee prevention of illness or injury during athletic participation.

Leagues are encouraged to, first and foremost, follow all directives and guidance from their state and local government, and should ask their state governmental and health officials for any information available regarding resuming youth sports within the state. All Little League managers, coaches, umpires, league officials, and families are strongly encouraged to review these guidelines.

Little League will continue to update these comprehensive resources to provide additional best practices guidance as information is further developed around COVID-19 mitigation.

In addition to state and local guidance, we encourage leagues to consider the following when returning to play.

Best Practices

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