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Participation Report Card

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A Safety Awareness Program (ASAP), highlights and expounds on Little League® Baseball and Softball’s efforts to make its local leagues and districts a healthy and fun experience for all who chose to participate.

Each year, throughout the United States, thousands of leagues strive to remove the risk of injury from their programs. Under the guidance of the Little League International Risk Management Department, local leagues annually submit plans that are reviewed by the staff in Williamsport, Pa. If a plan is approved, the local league is expected to educate its members and implement the plan on behalf of the players and volunteers in that league or district. Monetary incentives are also in place to reward the leagues and districts for committing to the ASAP program.

To that end, participation in the program is tabulated. At the conclusion of each Little League season, the five Little League Regions in the United States are reviewed by the Risk Management Department and a report card of ASAP participation is generated.

See how the districts in your region performed this year.

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