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Honda Grant Application Process

You will need to provide supporting documentation to help us understand your challenges. This could include project budgets, itemized quotes from vendors or contractors, images of property needing repair, etc. Honda reserves the right to request additional information during the application and review process.

In order to be considered for a grant, your league must be chartered and in good standing with Little League International.

1. To apply for a grant for your league, complete the Honda Little League Grant Application found below.

2. The program schedule is as follows:

• Submit Applications: November 1,–March 31

• Application Review: April 1,–August 31

• Grants Awarded September 1,–October 31

3. After receiving the grant funds, leagues will need to comply with several requirements.

• League must submit written or electronic confirmation that funds have been received within 15 days of receipt of funds.

• League will make their best effort to provide permanent signage at the field or facility in recognition of support given by Honda.

• League will provide a final report detailing the use of the funds and the impact the grant had on the league, including photos.

• Local league members will attend a press event at the local Honda dealership.

• League will provide photos of their facility and the above activities.

• Submission of application does not guarantee a grant award