Cost & Fees

Lift Your League

Signing your league up for the Stack Raise virtual fundraising platform is completely free for locally affiliated Little League® programs who register through the Little League Data Center, however, there are some industry-required fees that leagues should be aware of when working on their campaigns. These fees, which are required for most virtual fundraising platforms, are applied on a per-transaction basis. Your league will not be directly charged any fees, the amount will be deducted from each donation. With the help of Sports Connect, Little League International is able to keep these required fees below industry standards, and ensure each local league is receiving the most funds per transaction to support their local campaign.

March 15-31, 2021

During Little League International’s nation-wide Lift Your League campaign (running between March 15-31, 2021), leagues who are registered through the Little League Data Center will receive a discounted fee of  2.9% + $0.30 per transaction.

After March 31, 2021

For those leagues wishing to utilize the Stack Raise platform after the nation-wide Lift Your League campaign, the fees associated with the donations received will change to 5% +$0.30 per transaction, a rate still within the average fee range of other similar virtual fundraising platforms.

**IMPORTANT** In order to be eligible for the discounted processing fee rates on donations collected offered only to chartered Little League programs, leagues MUST sign up through the Little League Data Center. Registration through the Stack Raise website are not eligible for discounted fees. If you have questions about your league’s eligibility, please review the detailed eligibility requirements. You may also contact if you have outstanding questions.

For more information on cost and fees associated with Sports Connect, visit the Little League Help Center.