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Tournament Tip of the Day 2007 Archive

This is the archive for the International Tournament Tip of the Day, featuring new tips on the International Tournament of Little League Baseball and Softball posted each weekday. Check back here every weekday for the newest tip! ( en Français )

Tip 1: Choosing and Announcing Tournament Teams
Tip 2: Announcement of and Practice by the Tournament Team
Tip 3: League Eligibility
Tip 4: Affidavit Envelopes
Tip 5: Must Play to Advance
Tip 6: Mandatory Play
Tip 7: Starting Games on Time
Tip 8: Offensive and Defensive Substitutions
Tip 9: No "Pitch Count" in Softball
Tip 10" Pitch Count: Designating a Pitch Counter
Tip 11: Managers and Coaches in Other Programs
Tip 12: Managers and Coaches in the Dugout
Tip 13: Participation in Other Programs
Tip 14: Field Distance
Tip 15: Assignment of Umpires
Tip 16: Replacing a Manager or Coach
Tip 17: Replacing a player
Tip 18: Procedure for When a Team Fails to Appear for a Game
-- Bonus Tip: Pitch Counts and Mandatory Play
Tip 19: Softball Pitching Distance and Ball
Tip 20: Protests