2011 Little League Baseball World Series
Williamsport, Pennsylvania - August 18 - 28

Day 4: Notebook

The Hills Have Eyes

Author: Allie Weinberger and Ryan Lewis

Source: South Williamsport, Pa.

Date/Time: Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Keystoners are coming back to the hills of South Williamsport, and Tournament Director and Vice President of Operations Patrick Wilson is ready.

After teaming up with local law enforcement, Little League Baseball World Series officials have announced a switcheroo in Monday's lineup. Due to the unusually close proximity of the Mid-Atlantic champs to the Little League Complex – and the record-breaking attendance numbers that have resulted from the 28-mile drive – Monday's originally scheduled 4 p.m. game between Keystone Little League of Clinton County, Pa., and the Southwest champs has been moved to 8 p.m., swapping game times with the Southwest/Great Lakes matchup (now at 4 p.m.).

"Our local law enforcement officials have advised us that handling the larger crowds in the later game is more advantageous," said Wilson via a press release announcing the change.

The Mid-Atlantic champs have averaged an attendance of more than 37,000 in their first two games, and everyone expects more of the same Monday as the hometown favorites push deeper into the 2011 Series. The switch will allow for more police presence at crosswalks and directing traffic and prevents local weekday traffic from interfering with visitors arriving for and leaving the game.

"We are not always able to make these kinds of changes," said Wilson. "But in this case, all of the elements involved have been able to come together and make it work. We're always grateful for the outstanding support we receive from local, state and federal law enforcement at the World Series."

The Scout

Venezuela shortstop Yonny Hernandez used a keen eye to scout Canadian pitcher Yi Fan Pan, leading to two home runs late in the game.

"[In my first at-bat], I was trying to guess a little bit of what he was going to throw," Hernandez said through an interpreter. "The second at-bat, I hit the ball better and the shortstop made a great play. Right away my mind was telling me to adjust. I knew he was opening with a curveball. I had confidence in my third at-bat I was going to see [that pitch]."

Latin America defeated Canada, 8-0.

The Break-Up

Venezuela flashed some nice glove work in the second inning of its 8-0 win over Canada, breaking up some nice rips off Canadian bats.

First baseman Nick Prieto, diving to his left, snagged a hard-hit line drive right down the first base line to take away a double from catcher Connor McCreath.

Later in the inning, Latin America catcher Carlos Narvaez picked off Riley Ens, who was took a lead off second just far enough for Narvaez to fire a snap-throw and end the inning.

Rain Man

Rain, rain go away… But don't come again another day – at least not until August 30. Weather, or the threat of weather, interrupted or delayed three of Sunday's four games to differing degrees.

A light and sporadic sprinkle made the 2 p.m. game that pitted the Northwest against the Southwest an uncomfortable game. (The Northwest won, 3-1.) The possibility of more rain made the groundscrew cover the field just prior to the 6 p.m. contest between the West and the Great Lakes. (The West took a mercy-rule 10-0 win.) And in primetime, a short-lived but heavy downpour had balls and feet flying around the basepaths through the middle of the game. (Mexico walked off with a 3-2 win in seven.)

Monday's forecast is partly cloudy with just a 10 percent chance of rain.