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Bring Play Ball Weekend to your Local Little League® Fields!

Every local Little League field should be a place where children are welcome to have fun with their friends. For the second year, Little League International is teaming with Major League Baseball for Play Ball Weekend on June 3 and 4, to provide a welcoming event for all children to experience baseball and softball

Local Little League programs are encouraged to open their facilities this weekend for a special event celebrating the fun of baseball and softball. Below are some suggested activities and plans for you to bring the Play Ball fun to your league!

Who Should Come:

Play Ball is for all children! Invite the players in your league to bring friends, siblings, and neighbors who might not play baseball or softball currently, but are looking for a fun activity for the day. Little League International suggests having activities planned for children of all skill levels, ages 6 to 12.

What Should We Do:

Local leagues should have a sign-up at the event, so you can know how many participants you had. It’s also strongly suggested that you have information about when your local league registration will begin for the following season to encourage new participants in your league!

  • It’s a good day to have your concession stand open and have some other fundraiser items available.
  • Make sure you have extra equipment for those children who have never played before.
  • Work with a local high school or college to get baseball and softball players to help be volunteers for the day.

Here are some drills from the Little League Tee Ball Program and how you can use them for your Play Ball Weekend event:

Plastic Ball Freeze Tag

Freeze tag only to tag you must be holding the plastic ball and make contact like a runner gets tagged out. This can be played infield, outfield, on a side field, etc., and you should adjust the space based on the age of the children participating. This drill help teach the elements of running and basic understanding of how a tag in baseball and softball works.

  • Option: Add a “hot and cold” element, where a player with a baseball is freezing runners, while a player with a softball is unfreezing.
  • Option: Add a contest-like element with the last person standing wins.

Target Throwing

Start the drill discussing proper grip of a baseball or softball. This is gone over so that the thrower understands. Then they throw at specific targets. This could be a fence, a helmet, a bucket, a target on a wall. Anything. This is adaptable to each age group based on space, equipment, and targets.

  • Option: Add a competition element with an accuracy contest, where participants get points for hitting the target.

Tee and Soft Toss

Depending on the participant’s skill level, set up a simple soft toss station with a tee available for those still learning.

  • Option: This could be done with plastic equipment.
  • Option: Instead of having each participant get a certain number of swings, have participants swing until they don’t make solid contact.
  • Option: If doing soft toss, for more advanced hitters, vary the height of the toss, or toss two balls at once, calling out which ball the batter should swing at.

How Should We Share it:

  • Include information about your event on your website.
  • Make announcements about it during your games or at any other events at your field.
  • Promote your event with fliers to post around the neighborhood and try to get the information out to local schools, as well.
  • Email all the parents in your league, encouraging them to share the event with their friends and neighbors.
  • Actively promote the event on social media, and be sure to tag @LittleLeague and use the hashtag: #PlayBall in your posts.