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Improving Teammates

Triple-Impact Competitor: Improving Teammates

Here are a few ways you can work to improve your teammates, one of the three levels of a Triple-Impact Competitor:

Fill the “Emotional Tanks” of your teammates. They have “emotional tanks” just as cars have gas tanks: an empty tank can take us nowhere, but a full tank can take us anywhere. So fill your teammates’ tanks with plenty of truthful, specific praise about how well they are playing or even just how hard they are trying.

Use a “Buddy System.” Find the teammate at each practice or game who needs a little extra lift and make sure you fill his or her emotional tank.

If you can help some of your teammates improve their skills, ask them if they are open to some advice. If they say “no,” respect that, and let them know your offer stands if they ever change their minds. If they say “yes,” then demonstrate the proper technique, but be sure they know you are only trying to help and not trying to seem better than they are.

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