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Softball Size Survey - League Presidents


In recent years for Regular Season Play, the 12-inch circumference softball has been mandated in all divisions of Little League Softball from the “Majors” level and up. For Minors and below, the 11-inch softball has been mandated for Regular Season Play.

For Tournament Play, the 12-inch softball is mandated in the “Majors” Division (11-12-year-olds). The 11-inch ball is used in the 9-10-Year-Old Division, and 10-11-Year-Old Division for Tournament Play.

Recently, some have proposed using the 12-inch ball in the 10-11-Year-Old Division in Tournament Play.

The reasoning behind this proposal is that many players chosen for the 10-11-Year-Old Division Tournament Team have already played a full Regular Season with the 12-inch ball. The current rules require such players to then use the 11-inch ball for Tournament Play.

With that in mind, please answer the following questions to the best of your ability. Little League International will take the results into consideration as we contemplate rule changes for 2009.

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Would you support changing the size of the ball from 11 inches in circumference to 12 inches for 10-11-Year-Old Division Tournament Play?
What is the likelihood of your league entering a 10-11-Year-Old Division Tournament Team in 2009 if the ball size is changed from the 11-inch circumference softball to the 12-inch softball in that division?
Did your league enter a 10-11-Year-Old Division Tournament Team in 2008?