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During the 2007 Little League International Congress in Houston, Texas, Dr. James Andrews and Dr. Glenn Fleisig made an hour-long presentation that addressed pitching injuries, pitching mechanics and recommendations for future concerns surrounding overuse pitching injuries

Section 1

  After an introduction by Steve Keener, president and Chief Executive Ofiicers of Little League Baseball and Softball, Dr. James Andrews discusses the purpose of this presentation as well as the epidemic of youth pitching injuries. 

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Section 2

  Dr. Glenn Fleisig discusses  understanding and preventing injuries as well as a review of research that tracks the risk of pain with fatigue.  Biomechanics are briefly discussed in this section.

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Section 3

   Dr. Andrews discusses risk factors of year-round throwing, seasonal overuse and event overuse.  Additionally, surgery is covered along with safeguard recommendation for the the pitcher. 

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