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Softball Testimonials

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Softball Testimonials

“I would not be the coach and former player I am today, if not for my Little League manager and my brother, who laid my foundation for the love of the game. I came from a very small town. I was the player that wasn’t the biggest, fastest or smartest, but still I learned through Little League that I have no limits. It’s a joy to recognize Little League because it set a standard of excellence for me as a person, athlete, and teammate... I love Little League.”
- Sue Enquist , Former UCLA Player & Coach, 11 National Champions

“I wanted to play in college and playing Big League Softball gave me the chance to compete and be the best. I attribute all of my wanting to coach with the game of Little League. Those were the favorite times of my life.”
- Heather Tarr, Head Softball Coach, University of Washington

“Little League not only provided me a place to play with friends and learn the game, it was where I developed my love for the game. I always dreamed of competing at the highest level, and was able to accomplish that goal thanks to my start in Little League. Even more, my Little League experiences taught me how to work as part of a team and the value of giving back.”
- Crystl Bustos, Two-Time Olympic Gold Medalist and Softball Clinician

“Little League introduced me to the game of softball. Playing on our all-star team showed me the opportunities that softball could bring. I gained new friends, and learned that every season comes to an end – some earlier that you would like. Little League taught me to set and achieve goals and how to become passionate about something you love.”
- Angela Tincher, All-American pitcher for Virginia Tech and Akron Racers

“Because of the rule that limited the number of innings a pitcher can throw, our team needed someone to pitch for an inning or two. I volunteered without even having tried it before. Needless to say, I feel in love with pitching.”
- Cat Osterman, University of Texas Pitcher and USA Gold Medalist

“I knew I was good at softball, but I didn’t really care about all that. I had great coaches who really stressed competition, but also having fun.”

“I enjoyed being part of a team and enjoyed the idea of all my teammates working toward the same goal.”

“Getting involved with Little League at such an early age helped me develop so many skills. It continually made me work just a little harder, so that I could prove myself. Little League was one of the many experiences that helped make me the ballplayer I am today.”
- Nicole Trimboli, University of Nebraska

"I think the way Little League rules are set up just go to show that being a good teammate is so much more important than being a good player. I love how the rules force everyone to play and how the regulations restrict pitchers from throwing every game. It forces you to grow up and cheer for your teammates while you have the chance to sit back for once and watch them light up because they get a chance to go on the field. Little League is about making dreams come true, and I love how everyone is included.

Like I said, Little League is a dream come true. It took my three years of Little League to finally achieve my dream of winning, but all the losses and hardships were so worth it to make it to the finals. I made some great friends and had the opportunity to play on the greatest stage there is for young girls softball. If softball is truly a passion, Little League is there to enhance it.

Coach Errington was a very special person and I want to thank him for helping to make my Little League experience extra special. He was the true rockstar, making sure everyone was having a great time but still pushing us all to do our best. Teaching us how to work hard and be passionate about something. It's not just about softball, it's about the whole experience of Little League. And he helped make the experience so special for me."
- Carly Hoover, Gatorade National Player of the Year, Stanford Freshman

“Little League was where I first fell in love with the game. Playing Division I softball and making it to the College World Series is something I dreamed about since I was a kid. Little League definitely shaped me into the player I am today.”
- Rachele Fico, Louisiana State University and Akron Racers

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