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Releasing a Player During the Season

As in the off-season, the manager MUST make the board of directors aware of the situation immediately, if a player repeatedly misses games or practices.

Failure to do so may be cause for action against the manager for acting outside the best interests of the local league. Even so, the player agent must maintain strict observation of the league to prevent manipulation of the system.

The local Little League player agent should first determines (in writing from the manager) why the manager wants to release the player. Playing ability cannot be a factor. There also may be an underlying reason that should be addressed.

The issue is then brought before the local Little League board of directors for a decision by majority vote. No release is valid without the board approving it.

If the board votes to release the player, he or she is notified of the release in writing.

Note: If the Hometown board feels the manager is releasing the player late in the season in an effort to obtain an “early draft choice,” it may opt not to release the player.

Remember, a player MAY NOT be released from a Major Division team during the season to play the balance of the season on a Minor Division team. If released, such a player would be permitted to try out the following season