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Little League Thanks Those Involved in Pitch Count Study

Little League is grateful to the leagues and districts below for their cooperation in a pitch count study that was conducted in a number of areas during the 2005 season. The study examined the possibility of Little League Baseball divisions using a pitch count rather than innings pitched in determining pitching eligibility. Results of the study will be published soon.
DA Name State and District
George Glick Indiana 10
Jerry Sandler Minnesota 1
Jim Joseph Wisconsin 1
Martin Donovan Delaware 3
Doug Hannam Massachusetts 4
Danny Cavallo New York 8
Mike Sedillos Colorado 5
Val Domingue Louisiana 1
Camilla Serrano New Mexico 5
Larry Brown Texas 3
Charlie Fox Texas 16
Richard Buckelew Texas 19
Gene Biernat Arizona 5
Ned White California 3
Cindy Oliver California 8
Reggie Torres California 14
Chris White California 24
Don Goodman California 35
Domenic Iadevaia California 40
Bob Fogle California 54
Rick Gilleland California 55
Howard Reeves California 58
Mary Ann Redinbaugh Nevada 1
Mike Ray Washington 4
Paul Williams Washington 11
Paul Flanagan West Virginia 4
Name of League State and District
Time Corners American Indiana 10
Time Corners National Indiana 10
Elmhurst Indiana 10
St. Joe Central American Indiana 10
St. Joe Central National Indiana 10
Hopkins Area Minnesota 1
St. Louis Park Black Minnesota 1
St. Louis Park Orange Minnesota 1
North Central American Wisconsin 1
North Central National Wisconsin 1
Ty Cobb Massachusetts 4
Tris Speaker Massachusetts 4
Cicero Amateur Sports New York 8
Geddes New York 8
Academy Colorado 5
High Plains Colorado 5
Lafayette LL Louisiana 1
Lobo New Mexico 5
Zia New Mexico 5
Andrews Texas 3
Jim Parker Texas 3
Westbury Texas 16
Alamo Heights Texas 19
McAllister Park National Texas 19
McAllister Park American Texas 19
Northside Suburban Texas 19
Thornydale Arizona 5
Tiburon Peninsula California 3
Hoover Tyler California 8
Sundown California 8
Newark American California 14
Fremont American California 14
Newark National California 14
Evans Park California 24
Santa Rosa American California 35
Sebastopol California 35
Willits Redwood California 35
San Fernando National California 40
West Valley National California 40
Encino California 40
Sherman Oaks Southern California 40
Roseville West California 54
Pony Express California 54
Aliso Viejo California 55
Laguna Beach California 55
Rancho Niguel California 55
Laguna Niguel California 55
Yucaipa Valley National California 58
Twentynine Palms California 58
Tri-Valley California 58
Yucaipa Valley American California 58
Desert Hot Springs California 58
Carson City American Nevada 1
Carson City National Nevada 1
Sparks National Nevada 1
Friday Harbor Washington 11
South Whidbey Washington 11
Trap Hill West Virginia 4
Upper Kanawha Valley West Virginia 4
Hinton West Virginia 4
Sophia West Virginia 4
Union West Virginia 4
Greater Princeton West Virginia 4
Shady Springs West Virginia 4
Pinnacle West Virginia 4