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Little League & PCA Go to Bat for Winning+Life Lessons

Making better Little League coaches and administrators through enhanced education is the driving force behind Little League’s partnership with Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA).

“This special partnership gives our program’s volunteers the tools to teach Little Leaguers much more than just the skills of hitting, throwing and catching a ball,” Stephen D. Keener, president and chief executive officer of Little League Baseball and Softball, said. “Positive Coaching Alliance’s Double-Goal Coach method affords Little League International the opportunity to enhance its educational material for our adult volunteers, so they can present the most well-rounded, healthy and positive experience regardless of skill level.”

Mirroring the basic values of Little League, the goals of PCA seek to replace the ‘win-at-all-cost’ model of coaching with the Double-Goal Coach™ model, where goal No. 1 is striving to win, and goal No. 2 (the more important goal) is teaching athletes positive, enduring life lessons.

PCA has developed an on-line Double-Goal Coach Course specifically for Little League Baseball and Softball managers and coaches. The Course is designed to help volunteers realize their potential as successful Little League leaders. The Little League Double-Goal Coach Course provides the necessary tools to create the kind of learning environment where athletes are giving 100% effort, while developing a life-long love of the game. Visit the course at http://www.PositiveCoach.org/LittleLeague.

"Double-Goal Coach workshops are part of our training program and a key added ingredient to our culture and in providing a fun, positive, character-building experience for all of our players. It has also benefited our overall on field success with 3 state championships over the last 3 years," says West Springfield Little League’s Training Director, Curt Nutbrow.

PCA, established in 1998 by founder and Executive Director Jim Thompson, was created to transform the culture of youth sports to provide all young athletes a positive, character-building experience. PCA works primarily with the adults involved in youth sports, educating them about what it means to ‘Honor the Game’ and what their respective roles are in creating a positive sports culture. PCA has several offices around the nation and is based at Stanford University’s Department of Athletics in Palo Alto, Calif.

For more information on Positive Coaching Alliance visit: www.PositiveCoach.org