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Message from the “Don’t Take My Bat Away” Coalition

Dear Little League Volunteer:

We need your help!

Recently the New York City Council voted to ban the use of aluminum bats for all high school ballplayers. Now the New Jersey Legislature is considering doing the same thing, but worse! The Jersey ban would forbid the use of aluminum bats for everyone who plays baseball – from Little League to high school to American Legion ball. They even considered banning aluminum bats from softball!

When they realized what a bad idea that was, they dropped softball but still want to ban aluminum for all baseball games in the state!

This is an unfair assault on parents, coaches and players’ rights to make choices on which sports equipment they like best.

A broad coalition of baseball organizations including (INSERT ORGANIZATION SENDING THIS EMAIL) have officially launched the “DON’T TAKE MY BAT AWAY” coalition, a grassroots campaign to protect a player’s right to pick the bat they like best, wood or aluminum.

The coalition includes baseball organizations such as:

• National High School Baseball Coaches Association
• USA Baseball
• Little League
• Babe Ruth League
• PONY League
• National Council of Youth Sports

The New York City Council cited safety as their only reason for banning aluminum bats. But wood bats break, shatter and splinter, which introduces other risks to the game and boosts costs for parents and leagues.

A study by the National Center for Catastrophic Sports Injury Research showed that in the past twenty years, a catastrophic injury to a pitcher occurred only once for every million high school aged participants. Independent governmental groups like the Consumer Product Safety Commission said aluminum bats are as safe as wood bats.

Bottom Line: Today’s metal bats are regulated to hit like wood, they aren’t allowed to hit harder.

We think parents and coaches know what’s best for our children. Don’t let the politicians take your bat away. We need your help today to fight this!

The Don’t Take My Bat Away coalition in New Jersey is launching a grassroots effort now to help parents, coaches and players who support letting players use the bat they like best, wood or aluminum.

A new website, www.DTMBA.com will serve as the online nerve center for this campaign, providing all the scientific evidence regarding the safety of aluminum bats, keeping you informed on the campaign’s progress, and providing newcomers with the means to make their own voices heard.

Here is one easy thing you can do TODAY to help: Sign the Online Petition Today!

Visit our website: www.DTMBA.com and make your voice heard by signing our online petition. It is critically important to sign-up to support safety and player choice when it comes to using aluminum bats.

We look forward to having you be a part of our coalition. Thanks so much.


Don’t Take My Bat Away

P.S. Don’t let the New York City ban of aluminum bats spread to New Jersey! Join our growing coalition by signing our online petition today.