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"Big Al" Baseball Clinics - Testimonials

"Big Al" Baseball Clinics - Testimonials


The teaching fundamentals the two of you brought to us, simplifies and takes a major component out of the picture for us… how to effectively schedule and run a practice!! Here in the northeast, time is of the essence, and by making every minute of practice count, can only pay off in huge dividends in game prep and game play. Thanks Big Al! - Coach Tutt

I coached my son's 8 year old team this year but I initially declined to coach because I felt I lacked the baseball knowledge to help them progress. I got to tell you, after your clinic, I felt completely different. I now feel like I have so much to offer them. I walked into the clinic as a Dad who loved his son and baseball and I walked out a coach. You guys are great! - Coach Hill

I thought the clinic was tremendous. There are many things that you figure out on your own over the years, but may not have the best way of teaching it. Big Al got a 10 out of 10 from my perspective. I was very impressed with their methods of teaching us and the amount of content covered. Everything was extremely relevant and they held the attention of all throughout. Throwing in a dozen laughs just made it even better. Great clinic! - Coach Baker

I am a manager for a Rookie Team in Las Vegas, Nevada. I have had a lot of experience with baseball and really love the game. I was so impressed with your clinic and with the simplicity and ease of the methods you taught. During the break, I bought the coaches package and a couple of days after the event, I bought the drills DVD. The results are amazing. All of my kids seem to be having a great time at practice and I think they are truly learning the skills. Thanks! - Coach Friedlander

Just wanted to let you know that myself and five of my coaches enjoyed and learned a tremendous amount from your clinic. Great job with your audience participation and hands on involvement. I watched a very seasoned coach open his eyes big time to allot of your suggestions and now he is going to follow your lead. Thanks so much! – Coach Spurzel