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Little League International to Boost Advertising for Local League Signups

Little League International to Boost Advertising for Local League Signups


Little League International, which already airs Public Service Announcements on the ESPN family of networks that are designed to get more kids to sign up and play Little League, will soon be advertising on Facebook as well.

Little League pays for the ads that could help to boost local leagues’ registration, but it won’t work without help from the local leagues.

Next week, Little League International will begin running advertisements on Facebook that are designed to get parents, players, or anyone interested in Little League, to sign up in their local league. When the Facebook “user” clicks on the advertisement, he or she will be taken to the Little League “League Finder” page here:


The League Finder only works, however, if the local league AND district maintains at least minimal contact information on their free “Eteamz” websites on the Little League Network. If a local league or district has its own website, it is REQUIRED to have a website on Eteamz where users can be directed to the site. The Facebook ad that will start running next week will only direct people to the Eteamz League Finder.

Currently, more than 500 million people have personal Facebook pages.

“This takes our communications to another level,” Lance Van Auken, Vice President of Communications at Little League International, said. “It means we will be pointing million of parents if potential Little Leaguers directly to web sites operated by our local league volunteers.”

Before the advertisements begin running next week, local league volunteers should ensure that their league AND district’s Eteamz web site has information on it that will allow a parent who is interested in signing up in the league to get in touch with the right person. If a league or district does not currently have a free Eteamz website, it will not be able to take advantage of the investment Little League is making.

To be clear, nobody in the league or district needs to be on Facebook for the league/district to benefit from this. All that is needed is for the league/district to make sure it has its free Eteamz website, which should have clear contact information when a parent uses the League Finder to locate the league.

To check up on a league or district’s Eteamz status, click here:


Also very important: When a league/district establishes a free web site on Eteamz, it has a choice whether or not the league/district will be “findable” through the League Finder Search Tool. The league/district MUST select the option that allows it.

Little League hopes this new initiative, which it plans to run through February 2011, will result in more families coming into local leagues to play Little League Baseball and Softball. So, it will be important to keep registration open during that time, if at all possible.

Little League International has been expanding its presence on Facebook and other forms of social media. Currently, on the various Facebook fan pages, Little League has more than 33,000 fans.

On these pages, fans can ask questions and engage in conversations with other volunteers and Little League International staff regarding rules interpretations, news from Headquarters, tips for running a successful program, etc. In fact, on Little League’s main Facebook page here…


…more than 400 of these conversations have taken place in the past year.

“For more than a year, we’ve used Facebook to reach more volunteers than ever,” Mr. Van Auken said. “It has provided us with a cost-effective and efficient way to communicate daily – even hourly in some cases – with thousands of volunteers on a year-around basis. We have been responding quickly in the hundreds of ‘conversations’ that have taken place on the Facebook sites thus far. We urge anyone with a Facebook page to become a friend of one or more Little League Facebook pages.”