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Little League Partners with Family Trusted Child ID On Nationwide Child Safety Program

Little League Partners with Family Trusted Child ID On Nationwide Child Safety Program


Little League Baseball and Softball is teaming up with Family Trusted Child ID on a new child-safety program that all local Little Leagues nationwide can use as part of their fundraising efforts.

Through this new relationship, every player in a participating local league will be provided with two free Family Trusted Child ID accounts – one for that player's family and extras to give away to family members, friends or neighbors.

"Little League is the recognized leader in youth sports safety," Stephen D. Keener, President and Chief Executive Officer of Little League Baseball and Softball, said. "Family Trusted Child ID is simply another enhancement in our overall Child Protection Program, and we are delighted that our efforts can help make peace of mind available to millions of parents across the U.S. through our local Little League communities."

Family Trusted Child ID is a "must-have" tool for parents and others that safely stores their children's photos and information in a "virtual vault" for instant access to law enforcement in case a child goes missing. It provides all the information and legal forms needed to instantly activate a missing child search.

Here's how the program works: Each local Little League decides whether to participate in this child-safety program and how to use the program as part of its individual fund raising efforts. More details about local league participation can be found, at: www.LittleLeague.ChildID.com/order.

Each player in a participating local Little League will receive two "lifetime" Family Trusted Child ID family accounts. Each account includes a card for parents or others with (a) sign-up and missing child emergency instructions, (b) a detachable wallet-sized card for the parent to store the account's user ID and password, and (c) a unique single-use Code that activates one free account, at: www.LittleLeague.ChildID.com for a family of up to 10 children. Each of these accounts is free until the youngest child in the account reaches age 18.

The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children is supportive of the Family Trusted Child ID, which was first created in 2002 to provide a child safety ID for the organization.

"Child safety IDs are an important tool for parents to have as a part of other emergency planning steps," Ernie Allen, President & CEO of the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children, said. "If a child does go missing, every second counts. Having a current photo and other identifying information quickly accessible is important."

"The ability to electronically delivery a child's digital photo directly to law enforcement can save crucial time," John Walsh, host of FOX television's "America's Most Wanted, said. "Statistics show the chances of recovering a missing child are much greater during the first few hours immediately following a child's disappearance."