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Little League International Publications, Graphics Departments Create New Look for 2010 World Series Logos

Little League International Publications, Graphics Departments Create New Look for 2010 World Series Logos


During the summer, one of the most recognizable sports images seen on television is the logo for the Little League Baseball World Series.  The 2010 logo and similar logos for each of Little League’s other seven World Series tournaments will have distinctive, modern looks, compliments of the Little League International Publication and Graphics Departments.

"The visual identity of an internationally recognized brand, such as Little League, must remain consistent as well as current,” Patrick Pacacha, Little League International Publications Director, said. “With the onset of digital communications, it has become imperative for an organization's aesthetics to reflect that trend."

The 2010 Little League Baseball World Series logo recognizes the 16 regional champions that participate annually in the World Series. The globe centralized in the logo is comprised of 16 sections, along with four primary colors suggestive of the four corners of the earth.

“Little League International produced more than two million printed items during the last year,” Lance Van Auken, Little League International’s Vice President of Communications, said. “The ability to print so many high-quality items in-house is a cost-effective way of enhancing the program at all levels.

“In past years, we’ve had outside firms develop the World Series logos,” Mr. Van Auken said. “Now, with the technology available and the creative talent on staff, we are capable of producing graphically attractive and impressive pieces with the flexibility to adjust as we choose. This year’s World Series logos incorporate colors and graphics that will represent Little League well, whether on TV, a T-shirt or a program.”

The logos will appear on merchandise, along with television as part of ESPN and ABC’s coverage of the various Little League International Tournament games, the 2010 Little League Baseball World Series video games to be released by Activision later this year, and on the Internet on various websites around the world, including Little League’s site: www.LittleLeague.org.

"Having the creative catalyst in-house now to produce brilliant graphic designs seen around the world is a huge advantage for Little League International,” Mr. Pacacha said. “It gives us a greater ability to maintain the integrity of the brand.”

The logos are the latest graphic design project completed by the Publication and Graphics Departments at Little League International. In collaboration with Mr. Pacacha, Graphics Arts Director, Cris Noviello have conceptualized, created and developed a variety designs which have modernized the look of several Little League publications.

Utilizing current computer and printing technology, Mr. Pacacha and Mr. Noviello have collaborated to re-design the cover of Little League’s rulebooks, its Operating Manual and distinctive promotional pieces for Little League’s various divisions.

"Little League International provides the industry's best tools, which allows us to create progressive graphics that reflect modern design trends,” Mr. Noviello said. “Taking Little League's graphics in a new direction is an exciting challenge. Every project requires careful thought, planning and special consideration for the audience for which it is created."

"For us, it is equally important how something is communicated in addition to what is being communicated … The two are inseparable,” Mr. Pacacha said.

Mr. Pacacha and Mr. Noviello are currently working on the visual presentation for the 25th Little League International Congress to be held this March in Lexington, Ky., and later this year, Mr. Pacacha will provide much of the creative content for all eight of the 2010 World Series souvenir programs.