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Little League, 3P Sports Establish Relationship Aimed at Limiting Pitching Injuries

Little League, 3P Sports Establish Relationship Aimed at Limiting Pitching Injuries


Little League International is pleased to announce that 3P Sports has joined its family of licensees. The 3P Sports Internet-based training program for youth pitchers employs video analysis, drills and conditioning. This educational tool for players, parents and coaches, created by Major League Pitching Coach and 3P Sports founder Rick Peterson, is designed to aid in the prevention of pitching-related injuries.

“We are excited to have 3P Sports joining our efforts to prevent injuries to young pitchers,” Nick Caringi, Senior Director of Operations and Education for Little League Baseball and Softball, said. “Little League pitchers will now have access to the same advanced program used by Major Leaguers. This relationship with 3P Sports offers a unique additional resource to Little League’s training materials.”

To learn more about the 3P Training Program for Little League pitchers, visit: https://3psports.com/3ps/little-league/.

“We are always looking for effective ways to keep our players safe while developing their skill,” Stephen D. Keener, Little League President and Chief Executive Officer, said. “This program adds to the growing library of training resources available to Little League players, coaches and parents. Rick Peterson, and the relationship with 3P Sports, provides an educated and experienced perspective for young pitchers, which will address technique and the development of good habits.

This five-month training program is delivered to subscribers home computers and includes four components. 

1. Detailed video analysis of a pitcher’s delivery: By sending 3P Sports a video of a pitcher’s delivery, 3P Sports analyzes 10 points in the delivery and advises where flaws exist that can cause arm injury and reduce performance. The program provides detailed instructions that show how each flaw can be corrected.

2. Five-month pitching drills program: This program includes the same drills used by Major Leaguers and will assist in developing a youth pitcher’s delivery, velocity and control.

3. Five-month strength and conditioning routine: Strengthen the critical areas of a youth pitcher’s body and aid in injury prevention, while improving performance.
4. Five-month performance behavior program. This instructional content teaches youth athletes to think like champions by managing thoughts and emotions.

“The mission at 3P Sports is to help pitchers of all ages play their best,” Mr. Peterson, Pitching Coach for the Milwaukee Brewers, said. “There are so many great athletes playing Little League and we want to help them stay healthy so they can enjoy this great game for years to come. We are excited to offer the same program to youth athletes that we have used with Major League players.”

“This program made all the difference for me when I played in the Major Leagues,” According Al Leiter, former Major League pitcher and MLB Network Analyst, said. “The video pitching analysis showed me where my flaws were and by correcting them I became an all-star.”

In 2007, Little League International instituted pitch counts to determine a pitcher’s eligibility. Little League’s pitch count guidelines were created in consultation with Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. James Andrews, the foremost expert in pitching-related injuries, and the American Sports Medicine Institute (ASMI). Dr. Andrews, ASMI and 3P Sports have partnered by incorporating the ASMI biomechanical pitch data in the 3P Sports Program.
“Here at the American Sports Medicine Institute, our mission is the prevention of injury in sports,” Dr. Andrews said. “In recent years, we have focused on injury prevention in youth baseball. The 3P Sports team shares our commitment to healthier pitching and their new relationship with Little League International is great news for pitchers, parents and coaches around the world.”