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Little League International Time Capsule Includes Messages to Future Little Leaguers

Little League International Time Capsule Includes Messages to Future Little Leaguers


Commemorating the 70th anniversary of Little League’s founding, Stephen D. Keener, President and Chief Executive Officer for Little League International, sealed and placed a time capsule containing “messages to the future,” inside one of the pillars located at the entrance to the newly-renovated Little League International Administration Building during a ceremony on Tuesday.

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“The messages and other items contained in the time capsule are our way of connecting our present to Little League’s future,” Mr. Keener said. “Nearly five decades ago, Little League’s leadership recognized the lasting significance of the program and had a sense of its long-term goals. With this time capsule, it is our intent to illustrate and chronicle for future generations what Little League is about in 2009.”

The digital messages from Little League players, volunteers and supporters from around the world were collected during the past few months and stored on a compact disc that was placed in the time capsule, along with several other small items, including a scroll signed by all current Little League International staff members.

The time capsule will be opened in 50 years, and the contents revealed to the leadership and participants of Little League in the year 2059.

It will be the second time capsule placed in the Administration Building at Little League International. Late last year, during construction, a severely rusted metal can was discovered inside the walls of the original building. Its contents provided insight into the direction of the organization that remains unchanged.

The can contained a message from the Little League Baseball Board of Directors from August 27, 1960, placed there at the dedication of the first headquarters building. The two pieces of paper that were inside, having been unprotected from temperature and humidity swings for nearly a half-century, are in poor shape and partially unreadable.
One paper contains a message from the Board, and its President and Chief Executive Officer, Peter J. McGovern, to the future.

In the text of the message, Mr. McGovern used “children” or “youth” instead of “boys,” possibly foreseeing that girls would be permitted to play at some point in the future. In most of Little League’s public communications at the time, the word “boys” was used, since the program was available only to boys until 1974.

“Little League has attempted to establish a goal of service to youth,” Mr. McGovern wrote. “It has flourished through the dedicated efforts of countless thousands of volunteers, men and women of good faith, devotion and perseverance.

“It is the hope of its present officers and leaders that Little League may continue to grow in order to further the welfare of children, families and communities and that it will bring wholesome constructive benefits for future generations in the expanding horizons of youth.”

The other piece of paper lists all members of the Little League Baseball corporate Board of Directors who had served to that point in the organization’s history.

Major construction on the administration building has been completed and Little League International personnel returned to the building earlier this month. Work began on the Administration Building in 2008 and added more than 13,300 square feet of office space, while refurbishing existing areas of the structure.

Dr. Creighton J. Hale (left), Little League International’s former President and Chief Executive Officer, and his wife, Beverly, former corporate secretary for Little League International, assisted Little League International President and Chief Executive Officer Stephen D. Keener, with placing items in a time capsule during a ceremony held outside of the newly-renovated Little League International Administration Building in South Williamsport, Pa. The time capsule will be permanently placed behind the date stone located in one of the pillars outside of the building’s main entrance. Items in the time capsule will be sealed until 2059. Dr. Hale and Mrs. Hale were present when the original time capsule was placed in 1960.