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Little League Softball Days Provide Instruction, Exposure for Local Leagues, Players

Little League Softball Days Provide Instruction, Exposure for Local Leagues, Players


Softball has been a component of the Little League program for 35 years and in an effort to highlight the benefits of participating in Little League Softball and showcase the college softball experience, district administrators are encouraging their leagues to visit a “Little League Softball Day.”

These events, coordinated through local league volunteers in the areas wishing to have a Little League Softball Day, will help promote what participating in Little League Softball could potentially lead to. Moreover, a Little League Softball Day provides a generous amount of exposure to the participating universities or colleges.

“As a way of recognizing Little League Softball, and in appreciation of the impact of college softball, Little League International is reaching out to communities through its volunteers by helping to organize Little League Softball Days,” Stephen D. Keener, President and Chief Executive Officer of Little League Baseball and Softball, said. “Each event offers a unique, yet significant moment for young softball players to interact with college-age players. Understanding the commitment to their sport, while also sharing the reason why they enjoy playing, can help a young person stay active and grow through the program.”

Little Leaguers, their parents and local league volunteers may attend the regular-season game at a reduced charge, or in some instances, at no cost. The players will come dressed in their Little League uniform jerseys, and following the games, players may be permitted onto the field to meet the collegiate players and coaches. 

Such an event offers a variety of outreach possibilities, including the creation of an on-going relationship between the local collegiate programs and their surrounding Little Leagues. On this day, young athletes of all ages will get to experience the game of softball at its finest.

More information on how local Little Leagues can organize a Little League Softball Day is available, at: http://www.littleleague.org/districtadmins/Little_League_Softball_Days.htm.

There are more than 367,000 Little League Softball players worldwide. Each summer, Little League International operates four World Series tournaments for softball, in which world champions in the divisions of Little League (ages 11-12), Junior League (13-14), Senior League (14-16) and Big League Softball (16-18) are crowned. In 2009, each of these tournaments’ championship games will be televised live on ESPN or ESPN2.

For additional information regarding the dates listed above, contact Sara Thompson, at: sthompson@LittleLeague.org. Additional dates are expected to be added in the coming weeks. Please check the Little League website, at: www.LittleLeague.org for the latest listings.


In 2009, various major college softball programs will host Little League Softball Days, which are coordinated through local Little League volunteers. A Little League Softball Day showcases the college softball experience and highlights the benefits of participating in Little League Softball. Several universities also are hosting Little League Baseball Days. Above, please see the complete list of dates.