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Little League Volunteer Acts Quickly, Saves a Life

Little League Volunteer Acts Quickly, Saves a Life


Alan Penley, a volunteer in the Greeneville (Tenn.) American and National Little Leagues, was among a group honored for their role in resuscitating a person by performing cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR).

During a Special Olympics outing to a local bowling alley, Mr. Penley, who works for Evergreen Presbyterian Ministry, responded quickly to a 41-year-old disabled man suffering a seizure. Mr. Penley and three others came to the gentleman’s aid and worked together to save the man’s life after he had lapsed into cardiac arrest.

“I work as a caregiver and was familiar with his health history,” Mr. Penley, who was first on the scene, said. “He’s had seizures before, but this was the first time his heart had stopped. I was just glad I was there, knew what I had to do, and did what I needed to do.”

Mr. Penley, who himself suffered a severe heart attack in 2004, is certified in CPR and First Aid by the American Red Cross.

“When I had a heart attack it scared me and changed my life,” Mr. Penley, a 42-year-old native of Greene County, said. “I was told I died twice and the doctors brought me back.

“I have great appreciation for life,” Mr. Penley said. “My advice to anyone is, if you have a chance to take CPR training, do it, because you never know when you’ll have to use it.”

Recently, the life-saving quartet was honored by the Greene County (Tenn.) Chapter of the American Red Cross, during a Special Olympics event. The ceremony saluted the skills demonstrated by Mr. Penley and his fellow rescuers.

The commendation from the American Red Cross read:

In Grateful Appreciation
Extraordinary Personal Action
Awarded to Alan Penley
For using American Red Cross lifesaving skills that saved a human life.

Given this 16th day of October, 2008

“I am honored by the attention and recognition,” Mr. Penley said. “I did what I needed to, but more importantly, the person’s life was saved.”

Volunteering as a scorekeeper for 15 years, Mr. Penley also is trusted member of the district and state tournament Little League staffs. He has served as Chief Scorekeeper for the Greeneville Little Leagues and is responsible for maintaining the league’s pitch count records, and scoreboard operation.

Lowell Easterly, Tennessee Assistant District 4 Administrator, said Greeneville Little League and District 4 are proud of Mr. Penley, who has no children of his own.

“It’s obvious that he loves the children in Little League and wants to do whatever he can to help them,” Mr. Easterly said. “Alan is a loyal Little League person, and is always willing to help as much as his health will allow.”

Mr. Penley played in Greeneville American Little League as a child. During his time as a volunteer in the league he has chosen to serve as scorekeeper, and he estimates he’s kept individual statistics on more than 1,000 players.

“I’ve always been fascinated with numbers, and like watching the kids’ progress,” Mr. Penley said.