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International Tournament Tip of the Day – Tip 20


Protests shall only be considered when based on the violation, or interpretation of a playing rule, or the use of an ineligible pitcher or player.

No protest shall be considered on a decision involving an umpire’s judgment.

When a manager claims that a decision has been made in violation or interpretation of the playing rules, the manager has the right to protest the game. The manager may not leave the dugout until receiving permission from the umpire.

A formal (verbal) protest must be made to the umpire-in-chief at once by the manager or coach. The umpire-in-chief must immediately call a conference of all umpires working the game.

If the problem can not be resolved to the satisfaction of the managers, the umpire-in-chief shall be required to consult with the Tournament Director or District Administrator. If the managers do not accept the decision of the Tournament Director, either manager may elect, without penalty, to discontinue play until the matter is referred to the Regional Headquarters. If no resolution can be reached at the regional level, the situation will be referred to the Tournament Committee in Williamsport.

Only the Tournament Committee has the authority to rule on a protest regarding eligibility. The decision of the Tournament Committee shall be final and binding.

Rules and guidelines involving protests in tournament play replace Rule 4.19

The complete listing of valid protests is located on T-9-11 of the 2007 Tournament Rules and Guidelines.

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