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International Tournament Tip of the Day – Tip 16

Replacing a Manager or Coach

Any manager or coach listed on the Eligibility Affidavit who is unable to participate because of injury, illness, vacation or other justifiable reason may be replaced by another eligible person.

If a manager or coach is replaced, that person may NOT be returned to the Tournament Affidavit.

Permanent replacements must be from the league’s regular season teams and shall be recorded and approved by the District Administrator or Tournament Director in the space provided on the Eligibility Affidavit.

The exception is in the case of a manager or coach who is unable to attend a game for a “justifiable reason.” In that situation, the Tournament Director could approve a temporary replacement. A temporary replacement of a manager or coach need not be entered on the Eligibility Affidavit. A justifiable reason is solely the judgment of the Tournament Director.

A manager or coach who is ejected from a game may not be replaced for the team’s next physically played game (See Rule 4.07).

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