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International Tournament Tip of the Day – Tip 14

Field Distance

All games shall be played upon Little League fields approved by the Tournament Director. An exception can only be made with the consent of the Regional Director.

The 2007 baseball Tournament Rules and Guidelines currently state that fields must be enclosed with an outfield fence. The distance from home plate to the fence SHOULD be 200 feet, with a minimum of 195 feet to a maximum of 225 feet for the Little League Division.

For Junior League baseball, the distance from home plate to the fence is a maximum of 300 feet with a minimum of 250 feet.

Senior and Big League Baseball fields have a minimum of 280 feet, and a maximum of 420 feet. However, if necessary, Tournament Directors may utilize Junior League fields that exceed the maximum distance.

The complete guideline is located on T-18 of the 2007 Tournament Rules and Guidelines.

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