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International Tournament Tip of the Day – Tip 10

Pitch Count: Designating a Pitch Counter

Each Tournament Director MUST designate an individual to keep the OFFICIAL count for the all tournament games at all levels of baseball. This person will track the pitches thrown per game for each pitcher who enters the game. We encourage this individual to update the managers of both teams as to the status of their pitchers throughout the game. Everyone, including the opposing manager, should strive to prevent a pitcher from exceeding the prescribed number of pitches.

However, this does not relieve each individual baseball tournament manager from his responsibility for keeping track of pitches thrown by his/her pitcher. The team manager must be aware of the number of pitches thrown, and is responsible for planning accordingly to eliminate the possibility of a protest. Overuse of a pitcher is basis for protest and may result in forfeiture by action of the Tournament Committee in Williamsport.

The complete rule is located on T-12, 13 of the 2007 Tournament Rules and Guidelines.

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