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International Tournament Tip of the Day – Tip 3

League Eligibility

Everyone knows the individual players on a Tournament Team (All Stars) must be eligible in order to participate in the Little League International Tournament.

But the local Little League itself must be eligible as well. If not, NO TEAMS from that league are eligible to participate in the International Tournament.

First, the league must be chartered in the division(s) for which it wishes to enter a Tournament Team. For example, the league must be chartered in the Little League Majors Division in order to enter a team in the Little League Division (11-12-year-olds).

Also, if the league wishes to include players claimed on an Interleague Play Form, or a Combined Teams Form, the league where those players reside must also be chartered for that division.

For example…

League A is unable to field a full Senior League Softball team when its advertisements for registration result in only eight players signing up. That would be too few to have a team, and normally those players could be sent home until enough players are located to form a team.

Nearby, League B operates a Senior League Softball Division program with 28 players, and has been approved to assimilate the eight players from League A via a Combined Teams Form. That makes a total of 36 players, or three teams of 12 players each.

On the Combined Teams Form, the two leagues have requested and have been approved by the Regional Director to field one Tournament Team (All Stars).

The joint Tournament Team from those two leagues, however, is only eligible if League B has chartered for two teams AND League A has chartered for one team. In addition, League B would be required to be insured for all three teams. (There is no need, in this case, for League A to insure that team because it is being paid for by League B.)

Another aspect of league eligibility is having the regular season team rosters submitted to Little League International in accordance with Regulation IV (g). All requests for waivers must also have been submitted by the deadline.

Finally, the league must be in good financial standing with Little League International.

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