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District Administrators Must Qualify for Re-Election

WILLIAMSPORT, Pa. (April 23, 2007) – One of the actions taken by the Little League International Board of Directors at the 24th Little League International Congress in Houston was to ratify guidelines for district administrators seeking re-election.

“The success of the Little League program relies heavily on an engaged and active District Administrator,” Stephen D. Keener, president and chief executive officer of Little League Baseball and Softball, said. “Because the position is so vital, our concern is that some leagues may not receive adequate and full service from their district administrators. This lack of service and leadership can result in dissatisfied leagues and communities.”

As the liaison between the local league program and Little League International and its regional centers, the district administrator (DA) provides service and guidance to local leagues. Each district holds an election for its district administrator once every three years. One-third of the districts worldwide hold such elections each year, with each local Little League program in the district receiving one vote.

Beginning in 2008, to be eligible for re-election, a district administrator:
  • Must have documented participation in a district administrator training session at a Regional Center, Little League Road Show,  or a yet-to-be developed on-line DA training program.
  • Must have participation of 50 percent or more of the district’s leagues in ASAP (A Safety Awareness Program).
  • Must have a district safety officer on file at Little League International.Must be a member in good standing with the state association (if applicable where a state association exists).
  • Must not be affiliated with another youth baseball or softball organization.
  • Must have filed an annual district financial report with Little League International and distribute the report to all local leagues   within the district.
  • Must be in financial good standing with Little League International.
  • Must have signed and updated maps for all leagues within the district.

The following qualifications are recommended for the election of a district administrator:

  • The candidate should have served in a local Little League, preferably as a league president or an assistant district administrator. Experience should include exposure to all facets of the local Little League operation.
  • The candidate should be a resident of the district area.
  • The candidate must have sufficient time to devote towards the position.

Additionally, these are the expectations of every district administrator:

  • To have a minimum of four meetings annually with his/her leagues in the district.
  • To have an identifiable staff available to assist in servicing the leagues of the district.
  • To distribute and review educational materials to aid in the development of local league programs.
  • To assist in adding additional divisions or teams to their constituent leagues.
  • To serve as the liaison between his/her constituent leagues and Little League International.
  • To possess thorough knowledge of the Little League program through related education, skills and experience.
  • To be available to serve constituent leagues, even in the off-season.
  • To report financial matters to his/her constituent leagues as well as provide a financial statement for review to his/her constituent leagues and to Little League International for filing.
  • To be prepared, organized and punctual for all meetings, briefings and district events.
  • To handle unavoidable pressures and perform effectively.
  • To provide leadership and inspiration to constituent leagues.
  • To be willing to help others and assist in problem solving as needed.

The new criteria adopted by the International Board of Directors, recommended by the Operations Committee of the Little League International Board of Directors, district administrators, and the 2006 International Advisory Board, replaces the District Administrator Evaluation Program.