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New Little League Stadium Construction Photos

(Click on the individual photo for a larger version)

One of the first steps in stadium construction was stripping 
topsoil and re-grading the area to the north of Lamade Stadium, 
then erecting the forms for the walls of the stadium.

Plumbing and conduit for the new concession facility can be seen in this photo.

A stake marks the spot for second base of the new stadium in this photo. Steel reinforcing bars for the walls of the stadium can be seen in the background.

Improvements to Howard J. Lamade Stadium are part of the construction too. Here, lights illuminate the new stairways leading to the stadium during a night game in the District 12 Tournament.

The walls of the new stadium, as well as those of the 
restroom and concession facilities, can be seen in this photo.

In this photo, workers prepare 
concrete forms at Lamade Stadium. Sections 2 and 3 were improved to provide more legroom.

Roofs were installed on the concession and restroom facilities as work progressed on the new stadium.

The left field wall is nearly complete.

A crane is used to install the steel supports for the roof at the new stadium.

Sod (40,000 square feet)
 was installed in one day.

The superstructure for seating is installed as the roof progresses.

Workers ease a seat 
support into position.

This panoramic view of the stadium, with Bald Eagle Mountain 
looming in the background, was taken on December 6, 2000.

A fresh coating of snow covers the new stadium surface. (December 20, 2000)

Snow is no barrier to progress on 
the new stadium and other facilities.

A roof is installed over much of the seating in 
early January as snow continues to fall.

Workers place seating planks 
in the stands on the first base 
side of the new stadium.

Workers assemble the roof
for the new pavilion that will serve 
as a picnic area for both stadiums.


Some areas beneath Howard J. Lamade Stadium are being converted from open space to rooms for news conferences, storage and office space.

This view, from the back of Lamade
 Stadium, shows the new concession
 facility in the center, and the new
 stadium in the background.

This photo, taken just after a snowstorm on March 5, 2001, shows workers unloading the seats that will be installed in the new stadium.

In another photo taken March 5, workers assemble a part of the seating area behind home plate, even as snow remains piled up in the new stadium.

This is the view from just beyond second base in a photo taken on March 13, 2001.

Here is a view of the cavernous area beneath the right field bleachers of the new stadium (March 13, 2001).

This is the dugout area of the new stadium, looking toward foul territory in right field (March 13, 2001).

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