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Team Hosts Play A Major Role In Players’ Experience

WILLIAMSPORT, Pa. (June 14, 2002) – Team hosts, or “uncles” as they are commonly called, play a major role in every player’s Little League World Series experience.

These dedicated individuals volunteer their time to be ambassadors of good will for Little League Baseball. Each team is assigned two uncles who take on various responsibilities, from arranging uniform fittings to helping in the coordination of the many media activities involving the teams. These volunteers spend every day of World Series week with their assigned team from breakfast well into the night, providing guidance and assistance to the players, coaches and managers.

Many of the team hosts are so well remembered by their charges that they maintain contact for many years after the players have gone back home. The 56th Little League Baseball World Series is set for Aug. 16-25.

This year, Little League honors an uncle who has reached a milestone. The 2002 Little League Baseball World Series will be the 50th for Edward Claudius. He will serve as “uncle emeritus,” helping to coordinate the corps of volunteers with chairman John Shaible (17 years of service) and Jim Loftus (three years of service.

 “I am not sure if Ed Claudius thought in 1953, when he was a rookie uncle in the Little League Baseball World Series, that he would be doing the same thing a half-century later,” Stephen D. Keener, president and chief executive officer of Little League Baseball, said. “But we’re glad he did, and we’re grateful for his service.”

The 2002 team hosts, announced today, are:

Southeast  Marlin Cromley (four years of service) 
Carl Hieber (two years of service)  
Great Lakes  Joe Girio (five years of service)
Lee Miller (two years of service)
West Nick Cioffi (36 years of service)
Mick Cioffi (26 years of service) 
Europe  George Girio (15 years of service)
Larry Missigman (11 years of service)  
Mexico  Fred Plankenhorn (37 years of service)
Paul Weaver (33 years of service) 
Canada Edward Weinhoffer (17 years of service)   
Thomas Rachael (four years of service) 
 Asia  Hess Wertz (four years of service)
Charles Snyder (four years of service) 
Pacific Walter Zegarski (29 years of service)
William Castle (14 years of service)
Northwest Paul Fullmer (27 years of service)
Jack Peters (14 years of service)
Latin America Dennis Kelley (20 years of service)
Dick Reitz (19 years of service)
New England Peter A. Lupacchino (45 years of service) 
Peter M. Lupacchino (11 years of service)
Midwest Ray Warner (20 years of service)  
Carol Zysset (two years of service)
Caribbean  Craig Weaver (four years of service)
Bob Massetti (17 years of service)
Mid-Atlantic Dennis Loner (four years of service)
Lynn Datres (two years of service)
Southwest Gary Weaver (four years of service)
Dennis Ayers (two years of service)
Transatlantic  John Eastlake (four years of service)
Ron Wagner (two years of service)