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2002 Little League Baseball World Series Umpires

Name: John M. Ray 
Hometown: Indianapolis, Ind. 
League: Midtown Little League 
Years Umpiring: 25
Occupation: Retired 
Name: Douglas A. Perret 
Hometown: Salem, Ore. 
League: Parrish Little League 
Years Umpiring: 15
Occupation: Retired 
Name: Armand F. Hellement 
Hometown: Curaçao, Netherlands Antilles 
League: Curaçao Little League 
Years Umpiring: 25
Occupation: Technician 
Name: William R. Swanson 
Hometown: Sacramento, Calif. 
League: District 54 - California 
Years Umpiring: 28
Occupation: Controller
Name: Jerry L. McKissack 
Hometown: Al-Khafji, Saudi Arabia 
League: Kuwait Little League 
Years Umpiring: 10
Occupation: Engineer 
Name: Ronny A. Harris 
Hometown: Monroe, Ga. 
League: Walton County Little League 
Years Umpiring: 30
Occupation: Deputy Sheriff 
Name: John F. Paul 
Hometown: League City , Texas 
League: League City, NASA Little Leagues 
Years Umpiring: 22
Occupation: Retired 
Name: John R. Caron 
Hometown: Winchendon, Mass. 
League: Fitchburg West Little League 
Years Umpiring: 23
Occupation: Director of Facilities
Name: Mitchell S. Ball 
Hometown: Raymond, Alberta, Canada 
League: Raymond Little League 
Years Umpiring: 8
Occupation: Recreation Employee
Name: Chi Kit Leung 
Hometown: Tsing Yi, Hong Kong 
League: Hong Kong Little League 
Years Umpiring: 7
Occupation: Primary School Teacher 
Name: Earl J. Duhon 
Hometown: Port Neches, Texas 
League: Port Neches Little League 
Years Umpiring: 30
Occupation: Retired 
Name: Joe W. Fussner 
Hometown: Egg Harbor Township, N.J. 
League: Ventnor Little League 
Years Umpiring: 35
Occupation: Women’s Basketball Head Coach
Name: Doug Fisher 
Hometown: Batavia, Ill. 
League: District 11 - Illinois 
Years Umpiring: 20
Occupation: Project Management 
Name: David J. Kudej Sr. 
Hometown: Shelton, Conn. 
League: Shelton National Little League 
Years Umpiring: 18
Occupation: Sheet Metal Mechanic
Name: Andy Konyar
Hometown: Lewisburg, Pennsylvania 
League: Lewisburg Little League 
Years Umpiring: 27
Occupation: Little League Umpire Consultant

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