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2004 Little League Baseball World Series General Information

The 2004 Series is scheduled for August 20-29. All the games are played at Little League Baseball International in Williamsport. The Little League Baseball World Series is for players ages 11-12.

Click here to see the schedule of games.

Click here for a printable schedule of games.

As always, admission is free. Howard J. Lamade Stadium, where the final rounds of the Little League World Series have been played every year since 1959, seats approximately 10,000. The hillside terraces at Lamade Stadium just beyond the outfield fence, which offer excellent viewing, can accommodate up to 30,000 more fans.

Little League Volunteer Stadium, for some of the early round games, seats about 5,000. The 2004 Series will feature 16 teams from various regions of the world.

A ticket policy has been formulated regarding tickets for the World Championship Game on August 29. Little League Baseball has created a lottery system to keep up with the increased demand for these tickets.

While tickets for certain areas of the stadiums are required, they are not required for other sections for most games. Tickets are never required for the terrace at Lamade Stadium. It is suggested that if you plan to sit in the stadiums, you arrive early. If you plan to watch the games from the terraced hills at Lamade Stadium, you may want to bring a blanket and/or lawn chairs.

More information on tickets is available at: http://www.littleleague.org/media/2004seriestickets.asp .

Nearby hotel space, as you may expect, becomes more limited at the Series approaches. A listing of nearby lodging is available at: http://www.littleleague.org/media/lodging.asp .

For more information on accommodations, local attractions, restaurants, etc., please call the Williamsport/Lycoming Chamber of Commerce Visitor Center at 570-327-7700.

For all of your hotel needs, we encourage you to use "Choice Hotels," the Official Hotel Partner of Little League Baseball and Softball. To make reservations, contact the Choice Sports Desk at 877-240-AWAY (2929) and use Discount Code 00211120. By using that Discount Code you will SAVE at least 15 percent off your hotel rooms and a portion of the proceeds will go back to Little League Baseball and Softball. The Sports Desk can also be contacted via fax at 877-249-AWAY (2929).

If you are arriving by car, simply take U.S. Route 15 into South Williamsport, and follow the signs to the Little League Museum/Stadium Parking. Parking is free. More travel information is available at: http://www.littleleague.org/media/travel.asp .

A wide variety of food and refreshments is available, and Little League World Series Souvenirs are also available. Pin Trading is encouraged in a special area set aside for this purpose. Fans are encouraged to visit the Little League Sponsors area.

For the safety and enjoyment of all who attend, the following items are prohibited in the Little League Complex: large tarps, large coolers, large bags or large containers, pets, solicitation, fireworks, laser pointers, knives, weapons of any kind, and containers of any type of liquid. (Exception: Containers of liquid for infants, such as baby bottles and formula, are permitted, but are subject to inspection.)

In keeping with the Little League tradition of teaching by example, all smoking and smokeless tobacco use is prohibited in all Lamade Stadium and Volunteer Stadium grandstands, exit-ways and rest rooms, as well as all buildings maintained by Little League International. Alcohol is not permitted anywhere on the complex.

All items brought into the complex are subject to inspection. All blankets, chairs and personal items of any kind must be removed daily.

Banners and signs (including “K’s” and all other types of signs) must not be attached to the stadiums (poles, fences, screens, etc.) in any way. If used, banners must be held by the fan(s) and not free-standing. Signs and banners must not obstruct the view of any spectator, and must be in good taste. Little League reserves the right to remove any sign or banner that it deems offensive. Banners attached to poles are not permitted in the stadiums or on the hillsides.

Noisemakers are prohibited, and are not permitted on the Little League International complex.

Anyone found to be using a “laser” type pointer will be removed from the premises.

The Little League International complex is private property. Little League reserves the right to remove any person or persons who cause a disturbance of any kind. Those demonstrating without written permission from Little League International may be removed from the premises.

Distribution of literature, posters, placards or any other item, without written permission from Little League International, is prohibited.

Anyone who attempts to sell any item or service, or conduct any other business on the complex property must do so only with written permission from Little League International.

Please note that increased security measures may cause slight delays at certain times, so you should plan to arrive early.

There will be other events during the 10-day period of the Little League Baseball World Series. For information on those events, please contact the Williamsport/Lycoming Chamber of Commerce Visitors Center at 570-327-7700.

More than 20 of the games will be televised nationally on ABC, ESPN, and ESPN2. The schedule of games to be televised will be announced in early June.

Little League International Complex Map
for a map of the Little League International Complex.


We hope you and yours have a great time at the Series!