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Selection of Tournament Teams Recommended Method)

NOTE: These recommendations apply only to the Little League International Tournament. This document was produced on Nov. 16, 2006. For any updates (which supersede this document), see the current issue of the Rules and Regulations.

Little League would gain immeasurably in esteem of the public if all tournament teams were selected by the players themselves. Players relish the challenge of competition, but their anxiety to excel is in balance with an intuitive respect and admiration for teammate and opponent alike who demonstrate superior ability and skill.

It is not required that players be selected for the position they occupy during the regular season. For example, a pitcher who is also a good outfielder or infielder may be placed on the roster and used in whatever position the manager deems to be of advantage.

Tournament team candidates should be selected upon their playing ability and eligibility. The roster should include sufficient pitching strength to meet tournament schedules.

The following plan was presented to the International Congress, Washington, D.C., 1965, as a guideline, taken from the experience of the International Advisory Council. The principle is to have all components of a league determine and participate in fair and democratic selection of the tournament team. This would eliminate many of the complaints, abuses, pressures and charges of favoritism which are directed toward the league president.

The following groups should each select its tournament team.

Group 1 - Players
Group 2 - League Officers
Group 3 - Team Managers
Group 4 - Team Coaches
Group 5 - Volunteer Umpires

Every player on the eligible teams is entitled to vote. Each group submits its list of players at a meeting of the Board of Directors of the league. The names are to be read and counted from each of the groups, and the players in the order of total votes received will become eligible for the tournament team. Where more than one player has an equal number of votes to qualify for the last position or positions, final selection should be made by a majority vote of the Board of Directors at the time of the meeting.

NOTE: The above suggested method for selecting Tournament Teams (All Stars) is not required. The method of selection is to be determined by the Local League Board of Directors, which may or may not include portions of the above suggestions.