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Responsibility and Chain of Command in the International Tournament

NOTE: These policies apply only to the Little League International Tournament. They do not apply to local Special Games tournaments, such as TOC (Tournament of Champions), etc. This document was produced on Nov. 16, 2006. For any updates (which supersede this document), see the current issue of the Rules and Regulations.

It should be clearly understood by Tournament Directors and league presidents that operation of the annual tournaments in Little League come under a different authority and jurisdiction from that normally observed during the playing season. It is, in fact, a whole new ball game. Once the tournament season starts, authority is vested solely in the Tournament Committee at Williamsport.

There will be no waivers or resorting to local rules or other variation unless granted explicitly from Williamsport. To administer the tournament properly and scale down thousands of teams to two finalists in the limited time afforded by the tournament season is an undertaking requiring considerable disciplines. Once the tournament starts, it must proceed without interruption. If protests or disputes occur which cannot be settled by the umpires or Tournament Director through immediate and concise application of the rules, an appeal must be made through proper channels promptly to prevent a major blockage or loss of momentum.

Revocation of tournament privileges or forfeiture of a tournament game may be decided only by the Tournament Committee at Williamsport. Should a problem arise that cannot be resolved while a game is in progress, the game must be suspended by the umpire-in-chief and the problem referred immediately to the Tournament Director. If not resolved, it must be referred to the Regional Director. If still unresolved, it will be referred to the Tournament Committee in Williamsport.

If the Tournament Committee deems any player to be ineligible for any reason, it may result in forfeiture of tournament game(s), and/or suspension or removal of personnel from tournament play, and/or suspension or removal of personnel or teams from further Little League activities, and/or suspension or revocation of the local league’s charter. These actions can only be taken by the Tournament Committee in Williamsport.

The Tournament Committee and the individual Regional Directors may appoint agents to act on their behalf, and any person so appointed shall have the authority to act as, and exercise the duties of, the Tournament Committee or the individual Regional Directors.

Knowledge of the rules must be guaranteed before a Tournament Director is declared qualified. All Tournament Directors will undergo a thorough and instructive briefing session and, prior to taking on their duties, must signify that they understand the rules and regardless of personal feelings, they are in full agreement and can interpret them properly. At the time of the district tournament meeting, it will be required that each league president or the representative in attendance signify that the league and tournament team managing personnel are knowledgeable of Tournament Rules and are in full agreement with these conditions.