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Protests During Tournament Play

NOTE: These policies apply only to the Little League International Tournament. They do not apply to local Special Games tournaments, such as TOC (Tournament of Champions), etc. This document was produced on Nov. 16, 2006. For any updates (which supersede this document), see the current issue of the Rules and Regulations.

During Tournament Play, a team manager may protest any misinterpretation of a rule or regulation. Note: Protests of judgment calls (such as strikes, balls, out, safe, foul, fair, etc.) are not valid.

When a manager wishes to lodge a protest, he/she must do so with the umpire-in-chief before the deadline imposed in the Tournament Rules. (See the Tournament Rules for complete details.)

If the decision of the umpire-in-chief, District Administrator, Tournament Director or Regional Office is not acceptable to the manager, the manager has the right to have the issue referred to the Tournament Committee in Williamsport. The decision of the Tournament Committee in Williamsport is final and binding.

If the manager waives this right for any reason whatsoever, the protest is no longer valid. For instance, if the manager is told by the Tournament Director that the game will continue, and the issue will be referred later, or on a subsequent day, the protest is not valid.

As such, the manager has the right to refuse to allow his/her team to continue playing until the issue is decided by the Tournament Committee in Williamsport.

The manager of each Tournament Team signs a statement signifying his/her agreement with this principle. The statement reads, in part:

“By my signature below, I certify that all the information contained on this affidavit is true and correct, to the best of my knowledge. I understand: ... I may lodge a protest in accordance with the Tournament Rules and Guidelines, and that my team is not required to continue playing until such protest has been resolved, A. to my satisfaction, or, B. by the Tournament Committee in Williamsport, the decision of which shall be final and binding;”