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Positive Coaching Alliance

What is Your League Known For?

Good or bad – every organization is known for something. In Major League Baseball, for example, team identities range from the St. Louis Cardinals “Gashouse Gang” of the 1930s to the 2004 Boston Red Sox, whom Johnny Damon lovingly dubbed “Idiots,” to the button-down, suit-and-tie image of the Yankees, who actually got Damon to shave when he left the Red Sox for New York.

At the Little League level, your organization may be known within your district – perhaps even beyond – as the one with the best pitching, the niftiest uniforms, or the most sportsmanlike players. What your league is known for is a function of the organizational culture established by your league’s leaders, coaches, and parents.

Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA), in partnership with Little League International, defines culture as “the way WE do things HERE.” Unfortunately, most organizational cultures are haphazard and don’t contribute to accomplishing the organization’s mission.

For your league to have a strong organizational culture that helps administrators, coaches, parents and players enjoy the most positive experience possible, your leaders must be proactive about creating and maintaining the culture, so those involved reinforce it rather than undercut it. If you don’t intentionally create a positive culture, you most likely will end up with a “win-at-all-cost” culture, because that is the prevailing cultural norm.

An important step toward creating a positive culture is “Double-Goal Coach” training. A Double-Goal Coach wants to win (goal No. 1) and has the second, more important goal (No. 2) of using sports to teach life lessons. Over the past several years, countless leagues have brought Double-Goal Coach training, through local PCA Partnership programs to their own Little League communities. In early April 2006, Little League International is launching the online “Little League Double-Goal Coach Course,” to make this training even more accessible for all coaches and managers.

Together, we will help you ensure that your league is known for all the “right” things.

To enhance your coaching skills and become a Double-Goal Coach, click here.

To learn more about how the Little League-PCA Partnership can help your league develop a stronger organizational culture, contact PCA toll-free at 866-725-0024 or PCA@PositveCoach.org.