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Twenty-Seven New LL Charters Added

Nine states, Puerto Rico, China and Russia recently added local Little League programs to the more than 7,000 already existing worldwide.

Twenty-two of the new leagues were in the U.S. Puerto Rico added three, with China and Russia adding one each.

You can see the list of all the new leagues here.

Little League also bid a fond farewell to these District Administrator in the last few months. They are (with state or country and district number): Jennifer McCarthy (South Carolina 4), James Robinson (Maryland 8), Chris Kowalski (New York 1), Earle Mercadante (Pennsylvania 22), Glen Bradley (Ontario, Canada 22), Chris Margolin (Jew Jersey 20), Greg Rogers (California 15), Richard Gilleland (California 55), Don McCostlin (California 61), Ola Sund (Sweden 1), Ken Cooper (Minnesota 2), Michael Burke (Virginia 16), Wister Vega (Puerto Rico 11), Victor M Rodriguez Ramos (Puerto Rico 10), Greg Borja (Guam 1), Joe Seckora (Oregon 5), Raymond D Graphman Jr. (Florida 14), David Kirkman (Indiana 4), Keith Fraser (British Columbia, Canada 7), Jim Frazier (Texas 6), and Steve Sullivan (Texas 18).

Little League welcomes these new District Administrators: Bill Edmonds (South Carolina 4), Leo Ehrisman (Maryland 8), John B. Godfrey (New York 1), Sam Larosa (Pennsylvania 22), James Dean (Ontario, Canada 22), Kerry Baker (Jew Jersey 22), John Dyckes (New York 38), Ronald Severud (Califronia 15), Tamara Lindner (California 55), Darrel W. Harlan (California 61), Kristian Palvia (Sweden 1), Jim Warnest (Minnesota 2), Lamott Smith (Virginia16), Jose A Mojica Rivera (Puerto Rico 11), Dr Eduardo Caraballo (Puerto Rico 10) , Stephen Guerrero (Guam 1), Phyllis Kosanke (Oregon 5), Debbie Dobbs (Florida 14), Roy Patterson (Indiana 4), Al Jansen (British Columbia, Canada 7), Morris Stone (Texas 6), and Gary Pate (Texas 18).