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Little League International Announces Changes to 2007 Tournament Rules and Guidelines

WILLIAMSPORT, Pa. (Oct. 12, 2006) – Incorporating many of the elements of the new “pitch count” rules that were released in August, Little League International today released the significant changes to the Tournament Rules and Guidelines for 2007.

(You can download a PDF copy of the changes to the 2007 Tournament Rules and Guidelines here: http://www.littleleague.org/media/T_Rule_Changes_10-06.pdf)

(Changes to the 2007 regular season Rules and Regulations can be downloaded here: http://www.littleleague.org/media/Rule_Changes_09-06.pdf)

“The Tournament Rules regarding pitching and pitch counts in baseball closely follow the regular season regulation, with some modifications,” Joe Losch, director of the International Tournament, said. “We have allowed some leeway on pitching consecutive games between tournament levels, and the rest requirements are slightly different. Along with changes incorporated for the regular season, these rules will result in fewer overall pitches during the course of a season by individual pitchers in the baseball divisions of Little League.”

Another addition to the Tournament Rules and Guidelines is to provide a penalty of suspension of the manager for violation of the mandatory play rules in those divisions that apply. Formerly, the rule called for forfeiture of the game. However, forfeiture could still be imposed by the Tournament Committee in Williamsport if the violation warrants it.

And finally, wording has been added to the preamble to the Tournament Rules and Guidelines that reiterates the Tournament Committee’s ability to deal with instances of unsportsmanlike conduct.

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A downloadable PDF copy of the changes to the 2007 Tournament Rules and Guidelines: http://www.littleleague.org/media/T_Rule_Changes_10-06.pdf)

A PDF copy of changes to the regular season Rules and Regulations: http://www.littleleague.org/media/Rule_Changes_09-06.pdf)