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Don’t Be Left Out: Submit Mileage Reports

Little League has been paying for the travel of World Series teams for decades. Here, in a 1961 photo, a team from Germany arrives at Williamsport for the Little League Baseball World Series.

Last year, Little League either reimbursed its local leagues, or provided transportation directly to them, in the amount of about $2 million. If your league has a team that advances beyond district play, don’t get left out this year!

(Can you name any other youth sports organization that can make this claim?)

All mileage reports for any teams advancing beyond district play must be submitted to the a

ppropriate Regional Headquarters by SEPTEMBER 15, 2006, in order for reimbursement to be considered.

Mileage compensation is $1 (one dollar) per mile. This is a flat fee that covers one round trip to tournaments above district play. Little League will provide the league with a credit toward next year's fees. However, the local league president may request – in writing – reimbursement by check. This request must accompany the mileage reimbursement form.

NOTE: A maximum of one round trip will be compensated per tournament site at each level of play. Levels above district are section (if played), state, region, and world series.

Tournament Mileage Reports may be downloaded (as PDF files) from the Little League web site at: http://www.littleleague.org/tournaments/index.asp.

District Administrators may view the status of mileage reports received by Little League International by visiting the Little League web site, then by clicking on the District Administrator page. The direct link is at http://www.littleleague.org/mileage/search2006asp.