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Holding a Parents Meeting

When a parent enrolls their son or daughter in the Challenger Division for the first time, it is often the first organized athletic activity in which their child will be participating.  As with any parent allowing a child to participate in a new activity, there is often some level of apprehension and uncertainty about what to expect the first time their child steps onto the field. 

Holding a parents meeting allows parents of new participants to ask questions of parents whose children have participated in the Challenger Division previously.  This can help to ease any concern a parent has about their child’s participation in the program and to give the parent a comfort level with the local Challenger Division.  Holding a parents meeting may also convince a parent who may not have otherwise allowed their child to participate in the Challenger Division, to allow them to participate.

For more information on starting a Challenger Division in your community, please contact Sam Ranck at (570) 326-1921 ext. 2254 or via email at challenger@LittleLeague.org.