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Elect a Vice President of the Challenger Division

Electing a Vice President to oversee Challenger Division Operations is an important task for any league operating a Challenger Division. One of the primary goals of the Challenger Division is to give boys and girls with mental and physical challenges an opportunity to participate in the local Little League program. The Vice President of the Challenger Division acts as a liaison between the league board and those involved in the Challenger Division and should ensure that Challenger participants are included in all league activities.

Responsibilities of the Vice President of the Challenger Division include:

  • Ensuring that fields are scheduled for games
  • Recommending managers and coaches for Challenger teams to the board for approval
  • Working with Little League teams to recruit buddies for Challenger games
  • Coordinating Challenger player recruitment efforts
  • Providing the local Little League Board with an update on Challenger activities at each board meeting

For more information on starting a Challenger Division in your community, please contact Sam Ranck at (570) 326-1921 ext. 2254 or via email at challenger@LittleLeague.org.