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Tips For Running a Challenger Division

Little League Challenger Division
Elect a Vice President of the Challenger Division

Electing a Vice President to oversee Challenger Division Operations is an important task for any league operating a Challenger Division. One of the primary goals of the Challenger Division is to give boys and girls with mental and physical challenges an opportunity to participate in the local Little League program.    Read More >>

Visit with the Special Education Department of your Local School District

Contacting your local Special Education Department is a great first step to recruiting new players for the Challenger Division. Many departments will be willing to let you briefly present the ins and outs of the Challenger Division to the special education instructors in the district.    Read More >>

Advertising in the Community

Community advertising is another effective way to spread the word about your Challenger Division. Challenger Division flyers are available to be downloaded online HERE. These posters can be customized to contain your league’s contact information as well as registration dates and locations.    Read More >>

Holding a Successful Registration Day

Registration for the Challenger Division should be incorporated into your league’s normal registration days and should be held at the same location. This increases visibility for the Challenger Division within the community. Posters may also be hung during registration to make sure that everyone knows that the league is now offering...    Read More >>

Holding a Parents Meeting

When a parent enrolls their son or daughter in the Challenger Division for the first time, it is often the first organized athletic activity in which their child will be participating. As with any parent allowing a child to participate in a new activity, there is often some level of apprehension and uncertainty about what to expect the first time...    Read More >>

Teaching Baseball Skills

The fundamental goal of the Little League Challenger Division is to provide an environment where participants can learn and enjoy the game of baseball in an environment structured to their abilities. Buddies are used to assist players in the areas of batting, fielding and base running when necessary.    Read More >>

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Tips for operating a Challenger Division
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