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Portland Little League

2006 Little League
Urban Initiative Jamboree

Portland Little League
Louisville, Kentucky

In front, from left are: Nick Eckley, Sidney Taylor, Nicholas Bryan. In the middle from left are: Sean McDaniel, Jacob Allgood,Jordan Crosby, Dylan Cook, Josh Colgate. In back from left are: Assistant Coach Mike Metcalf, Chris Calloway, John Wilbert, Cody Zoeller, Chandler Allgood, Steven Roe, Marcus Stotts and Manager Harry Hickey. Not pictured are Tony Irving, Assistant Coach Audrey Calhoun and Umpire Jack O'Neal.

Portland Little League:
Located in Louisville, Ky., Portland Little League is in Kentucky District 2 under District Administrator Mike Schaeffer. The league has been a chartered member of Little League since 1989, and involved in the Little League Urban Initiative for two years. Approximately 280 children are participating in Portland Little League, which fields 23 teams. The league president is Jack O’Neal.

Portland Yankees


Jacob Allgood
Dylan Cook
Sean McDaniel
Marcus Stotts
Josh Colgate
Chris Calloway
Steven Roe
Tony Irvin, Jr.
Jordan Crosby
Nicholas Bryan
Nick Eckley
Chandler Allgood
Cody Zoelle
John Wilbert
Chris Payne

Adult Volunteers

Manager Harry Hickey
Coach Mike Metcalf
Umpire Audrey Calhoun