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St. Francis Xavier Little League

2005 Little League
Urban Initiative Jamboree

St. Francis Xavier Little League
Newark, N.J.

In front from left are: Kristopher Robles, David Ferreira, Michael Martinez, Delano Richards, Leo Medrano, Reinaldo Perez and Christian Jimenez. In the middle from left are: Celvin Velasquez, Danni Mitti, Ruben Rivera, Ezra Darby, Raphiel Lopez, Dreyon Reynolds and Evan Rosado. In back from left are: Coaches Billy Patterson (alternate), Charles Perry, Fred Masucci (alternate), Vincent DeVincentis, Luis Maldonado (umpire) and Dominick Palmieri (manager).

St. Francis Xavier Little League: Located in Newark, N.J., St. Francis Xavier Little League is in New Jersey District 8 under District Administrator Rich Franco. The league has been a chartered member of Little League since 1977, and involved in the Little League Urban Initiative for four years. Approximately 230 children are participating in St. Francis Xavier Little League, which fields 19 teams. The league president is Dr. Vincent De Vincentis, and the league is a member of the Newark Inner City Little Leagues (NICLL).


Ezra Darby
Michael Martinez
Evan Rosado
Kristopher Robles
Ruben Rivera
Celvin Velasquez
Delano Richards
Leo Medrano
David Ferreira
Reynaldo Perez
Christian Jimenez
Dreyon Reynolds
Raphiel Lopez
Danni Mitti

Adult Volunteers

Manager Dominick Palmieri
Coach Charles Perry
Coach Vincent Devincentis
Coach Bill Patterson
Umpire Louie Maldonado