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Harrisburg American Little League

2005 Little League
Urban Initiative Jamboree

Harrisburg American Little League
Harrisburg, Pa.

In front from left are: Brian Finley, Ahmal Scott, Tony Towles, Jimmy Brown Jr. and Dywan Blanding. In the middle from left are: Jaquan Audrey, Louis Dejesus, Chris Lewis and Nate Stanzewski. In back from left are: Head Coach Bryan Arrington, Jamie Maynard, Wezley Floyd, Courtney Mack, Steven Finely and Assistant Coach John Lee.

Harrisburg American Little League: Located in Harrisburg, Pa., Harrisburg American Little League is in Pennsylvania District 14, under District Administrator Joe Wendler. The league has been a chartered member of Little League since 1997, and involved in the Little League Urban Initiative for four years. Approximately 300 children are participating in Harrisburg American Little League, which fields 26 teams. The league president is Aaron Johnson.


Courtney Mack
Steven Finley
Nate Stanzewski
Jaquan Audrey
Louis Dejesus
Brian Finley
Dywan Blanding
Wezley Floyd
Jamie Maynard
Chris Lewis
Tony Towles
Ahmal Scott
Jimmie Brown, Jr.
Jheusy Del Pozo

Adult Volunteers

Manager Bryan Arrington
Coach John Lee
Coach Ameeche Walker
Umpire Darren Mosley