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Ted Williams Little League


2004 Little League Urban Initiative Jamboree

Ted Williams Little League
Worcester, MA

Members of the team from the Ted Williams Little League in Worcester, Mass are, from left to right in the front row, Hector Ozuna, Thanasi Christoforu, Robert Olson, Jonathan Ortiz, David Robles, C.J. Ellison and Jose Alcantora. In the second row are, from left to right, Jackson Powell, Mike Beremian, Mike Ortiz, Nick McHugh, Marquis Byfield, Ray Familia, Eddie Vargas and Bedward Luis Ortiz. In the back row are, from left to right, coach Albert De La Cruz, Sean Dacey, manager Jim Dacey, District Administrator Doug Hannam and umpire Mark McGill.

Player Player # B/T POS.
Alcantara, Jose 13 R/R 3B
Luis Ortiz, Bedward 2 L-R/R SS/P/C
Beremian, Mike 9 R/R P/SS
Byfield, Marquis 7 R/R OF
Christoforu, Thanasi 3 R/R OF
Ellison, CJ 5 R/R 2B/OF
Familia, Ray 8 R/R C/P
McHugh, Nick 15 R/R 1B/P
Olsen, Robert 1 R/R 2B/OF
Ortiz, Jonathan 4 R/R 3B/P/OF
Ortiz, Mike 12 R/R OF
Ozuna, Hector 11 R/R P/IF
Powell, Jackson 14 R/R C/P/OF
Robles, David 10 R/R IF
Vargas, Ed 6 R/R IF/OF

PRESIDENT Bill Galeckas
COACH Sean Dacey
COACH Albert De La Cruz
UMPIRE Mark McGill