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Satchel Paige Little League


2004 Little League Urban Initiative Jamboree

Satchel Paige Little League
Washington, DC

Members of the team from the Satchel Paige Little League in Washington, D.C. are, from left to right in front row, Tark Solberg, Thomas Dawson, Presley Reed, Aaron Sharpe, Aaron Williams, Adam Roberts and Kyle Graham. In the second row are, from left to right, coach Steve Holland, Alex Buckner, Keenan Walker, James Joseph, Wesley Dawson, Jeffrey Sallis, equipment manager Aaron Walker and manager Barry Scott.

Player Player # B/T POS.
Brown, Charles 1 R/R OF
Buckner, Alex 9 L/L 1B
Dawson, Thomas 7 R/R 3B/P
Dawson, Wesley 10 R/R C
Graham, Kyle 2 R/R 2B
Joseph, James 15 R/R SS
Moore, Ian 6 R/R IF
Reed, Presley 11 R/R LF
Roberts, Adam 13 L/L RF
Sallis, Jeffrey 8 R/R CF
Sharpe, Aaron 14 R/R RF
Solberg, Tark 5 R/R SS/P
Walker, Keenan 4 R/R LF
Williams, Aaron 3 R/R 2B

MANAGER Barry Scott
COACH Steve Holland
COACH Deon Yates
UMPIRE Howard Greenfield